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Flat charlottes, a zero waste alternative?

In April 2021, 214kg of food-grade stretch film was saved thanks to the production of 795 flat cover caps at the Retour O Naturel workshop. 1kg of plastic film represents 0.8kg of oil.

What are flat cover caps?

The dish cover replaces plastic stretch film and aluminum foil used to cover bowls, salad bowls, dishes and plates containing foodstuffs. It allows food to be better preserved in the refrigerator and to cover it from possible insects. Washable and reusable, the food charlotte is an ideal alternative to avoid waste in your kitchen.

What is the difference between a charlotte and a Bee wrap?

The main difference lies in the method of manufacture. The dish cover charlotte is made of a coated or uncoated cotton fabric, topped with an elastic band allowing it to adapt to all types and shapes of dishes. They are generally offered in 3 sizes S (11cm to 18cm), M (19cm to 24cm) and L (25cm to 30cm). The Bee wrap is made up of a cotton fabric coated with beeswax or vegetable wax, available in the form of square or rectangular sheets.

The coated or uncoated cotton food cap is used to cover all types of food (raw, hot, cold). Its maintenance is done in cold or hot water in the washing machine or by hand. With regard to the Bee wrap, the washing is done only in cold water and by hand so as not to deteriorate the wax allowing its impermeability. In addition, to use it, you must wait until the food has completely cooled and do not use the Bee wrap in contact with raw food such as fish or meat.

Why use a food charlotte?

Plastic cling film and aluminum foil are products that can be found in almost all kitchens, they are an integral part of shopping lists. A heresy, when you know that these innocuous-looking rolls are for single use. A phenomenal amount of waste generated. The solution ? Replace them with durable, economical and reusable alternatives such as the food cap that can be used for life.

The coated cotton flat cover caps are waterproof, breathable and waterproof. They are ideal for sauce dishes. Thanks to the charlottes, the foodstuffs are protected from the air, which guarantees better preservation. Also, no food odors leaking into the fridge. They always have their little effect when they are transported to friends or during a picnic. Much prettier than the plastic usually used.

How to use a food charlotte?

Nothing really rocket science, the charlotte lands on a container like a fabric cover. Depending on its size, it will simply be necessary to take care to select the right size of charlotte. Despite being rounded, thanks to its elastic, the food charlotte adapts to all types of dishes. It can be used on contact such as to cover bread in the freezer or to help dough rise.

Charlotte in coated cotton or organic cotton?

The difference between these two charlottes lies only in the type of fabric used. The fabric of the coated cotton charlotte is waterproof and waterproof, while the organic cotton one is not.

How long does a charlotte last?

The dish cover caps are reusable for life except in the event of tearing or cut elastic. For these cases it is still quite simple to patch them up.

Maintenance tips for food charlottes

Depending on how dirty it is, the dish cover can simply be shaken off any food residue and left in the open air. If it is slightly stained, a quick wipe with a damp sponge can do the trick. The food charlotte is completely washable by hand with soapy water (cold or hot) and in the washing machine at 30/40 degrees with the rest of the laundry.

The food charlotte covers food placed in the open air, going to the refrigerator and freezer. It is not suitable for the oven or the microwave.

The food charlotte Back O Natural

All RON charlottes are handcrafted in the workshop with a lot of love and meticulousness. Two models (coated cotton and organic cotton) available in different sizes and colors are available. Don't hesitate to take a look:

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