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The advantages of solid cosmetics

Zero Waste or Zero Waste is not a new and ephemeral trend. The general awareness of the negative impact of overconsumption on everyone's well-being, the climate, the exploitation of natural resources and biodiversity, has allowed the movement to become popular.

What is zero waste?

Zero waste means implementing small daily actions in all rooms of the house and outside to drastically reduce the amount of waste, avoid single-use products and have a lower impact on the environment. . In other words, it's about adopting a minimalist way of life by reclaiming grandmother's tricks, giving objects a second life and opting for natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives .

Where can I start my Zero Waste journey?

The bathroom, a room dedicated to personal hygiene and well-being, is the place where households generate the most waste, especially plastic. Indeed, the use of conventional cosmetics such as creams, shower gels and other shampoos are generally over-packaged . Not to mention their dubious compositions often decried. Presence of parabens or allergens in shower gels, silicones and sulphates in shampoos or even aluminum salts in deodorants. Washing with certain classic cosmetics therefore amounts to dirtying your body and the planet. Quite nonsense, isn't it?

The difference between solid cosmetics and conventional cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are revolutionizing conventional cosmetics.

Zero waste

Solid or so-called "Zero waste" cosmetics are generally offered in bulk. Once finished, there is nothing to throw away . Some are sold in reusable or recyclable metal, cardboard or kraft containers, there is no over-packaging.

For example, a solid soap is 2 plastic bottles of shower gel. When we know that nearly 511,000 bottles of shower gel are sold per day in France (source Consoblog) I leave it to you to calculate the amount of waste avoided. Thus, waste is reduced or even disappears from the bathroom. Exit the shower trash!


Unfortunately, not all solid cosmetics have a natural composition. Care must be taken to carefully read the INCI list , a mandatory legal notice on all cosmetics sold on the market. The order of the components in the list corresponds to their dosage level. The first component in the list is the one present in the greatest quantity, and so on.

Solids with a natural composition are concentrated active ingredients . Their composition contains little or no water. Thus, we can enjoy the benefits of vegetable oils and butters, hydrosols and other noble raw materials. Without ingredients derived from petrochemicals such as mineral oils, these solid cosmetics are composed of natural ingredients that respect the epidermis, are not aggressive for the skin or the scalp.


"Zero Waste" cosmetics are sustainable . At first glance they are expensive to buy but it is still a saving because these products are not bought every month. For some, it is even possible to keep them for several months.

Consume less but better!

Good conservation practice for this type of product must be acquired in order to get the most out of it. Here are some small tips:

    • After use shake them to remove excess water
    • Keep them away from heat and humidity
    • Avoid contact with splashes
    • Place them on a soap dish with holes in the bottom or a loofah soap dish to allow air to pass through and allow them to dry well


Solid cosmetics are easy to carry , lightweight and space-saving . Their shapes allow a practical and ergonomic use.

Earth & Pet friendly

The impact of solids on the environment is lower than that of conventional cosmetics, points developed above. In addition, there is a reduction in their carbon footprint thanks to less logistics and transport. Furthermore, the life cycle of solid cosmetics is more ethical from formulation to manufacturing. Generally made without animal material and not tested on animals .

Solid essentials at Retour O Naturel

The four solid cosmetics in my Retour O naturel range are handcrafted in France from noble and organic raw materials. They are inclusive since they are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age, skin or hair type.

RON solid shampoo

Gently cleanses the hair fiber for beautiful hair full of vitality and suppleness. A mild shampoo with a creamy foam suitable for all hair types.

RON solid soap

Cold saponified with 8% surgras gently cleanses your skin. It has been formulated without essential oils with a subtle coconut fragrance to suit all members of the family. Rich in shea butter and calendula macerate, RON soap will take care of all skin types, even the most sensitive.

RON solid deodorant

Unisex, regulates perspiration and prevents bad odours. You will be seduced by its delicate coconut fragrance and its melting texture which brings the necessary softness to the delicate skin of the armpits.

RON solid balm

Nourishes the skin in depth and protects it from climatic aggressions. Its fondant on contact with the skin and its sweet smell of chocolate will seduce you. A solid treatment for the whole family for soft and soothed skin.

How to use them?

    • Solid shampoo: Wet your hair then run the shampoo in circular motions over the front, sides and back of the head. Then massage your scalp with your fingertips to activate the cleansing power.
    • Solid soap: Wet your body and the soap. Lather it between your hands or with an organic cotton soap net and then run your hands over your body.
  • Solid deodorant: On clean and dry armpits, pass the deodorant by making movements from top to bottom.
  • Solid balm: Heat the balm between your buts then glide it over your clean, dry body.

Now you know everything about solids! Ready to take the leap?

To your small gestures my Hummingbirds!

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