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Wash your hair without shampoo - no poo with rhassoul or shikakai

How to wash your hair with shampoo?

The received idea that we often have of this technique is to wash your hair without products, with water and that's it. That's more like "Water only". No poo (abbreviation of "no shampoo") is a method that aims not to use shampoo but rather natural powders with washing properties. It is extremely gentle on the scalp. With this technique, various hair problems can be solved (irritation, itching, dandruff) because the scalp is not attacked by the surfactants present in shampoos. The hair re-greases less quickly which will allow you to space out your shampoos. Focus on powders suitable for all hair types.

What are the properties of rhassoul for the hair?

The rhassoul is a natural volcanic clay, "earth which washes" in Arabic, which does not contain any surfactant (detergent agent contained in shampoos allowing to lather). Purifying, softening, and clarifying, it acts according to a very gentle impurity absorption system without attacking the scalp. Particularly indicated for oily hair, rhassoul has the property of regulating and cleansing the scalp. It helps to re-balance the production of sebum. It is also suitable for fine, dry hair since it coats the hair, making it gain volume. Sensitive and irritated scalps can also benefit from the soothing action of rhassoul.

What are the properties of shikakai for the hair?

Shikakai is an Indian plant powder from the fruits of the acacia concinna, a shrub that grows in Asia, particularly in southern India.

Shikakai powder is an excellent cleansing treatment suitable for all hair types. It is used as a natural shampoo, it cleans and degreases the hair thanks to its richness in vegetable saponins. Shikakai acts gently without drying out the hair, its concentration of nutrients makes it an effective anti-dandruff. It also has strong detangling properties. Result after washing, the hair is shiny and soft to the touch.

Utensils for preparing no poo with rhassoul or shikakai

  • A wooden or ceramic container
  • A wooden spoon

Ingredients to prepare your rhassoul or shikakai shampoo

  • 2 tablespoons of rhassoul or shikakai clay (depends on hair mass)
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • A little hot water to get a good consistency.

The steps to prepare your cleansing treatment with rhassoul or shikakaï

Mix all the ingredients in the bowl. And here it is, ready to use! It is advisable to use wooden utensils because the metal alters the active ingredients present in the clay.

Application of no poo to rhassoul or shikakai

Start by detangling your dry hair, in this state it is less fragile. Wet your hair, wring it gently and comb through, applying rhassoul or shikakai will be easier. Spread the paste with your fingers only on the roots and massage. Stretch on the lengths without insisting too much so as not to dry them out. The lengths have no sebum only dust. When rinsing, the clay water will get rid of them without drying them out. Leave on for ten minutes while you wash your body. The clay should not dry on the hair. Finally, rinse with clean water, making sure to comb well under water to remove all clay residue and avoid the "cardboard" effect.

For optimal shine and to close the scales, perform an acid rinse by diluting 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar in 1L of cold water. Do it upside down, it's much more practical!

Why use no poo for your hair?

We swap our usual shampoo for softer products. I named RHASSOUL clay powder or Ayurvedic powder SHIKAKAÏ! These are universal cleansing care. Oily hair will love the degreasing and sebum-regulating action thanks to the high mineral content. Dry and fine hair will appreciate the shine and volume that it will give. As for problem scalps, the gentleness will calm and soothe itchy skin and dandruff. This grub with rhassoul or shikakai powder makes it possible to space out the shampoos. It does not leave hair sticky and tangled after washing. On the contrary, you will see your hair clean, silky and soft. It is also a small detox of the scalp. For information, rhassoul absorbs toxins.

The benefits of my personalized recipe

The addition of a moisturizing agent is essential to counter the drying effect that clay or Ayruvedic powders can have. In order not to weigh down the hair, it is simply enough not to have a heavy hand in the dosage. Here I have chosen the aloe vera gel which is a must have in an O Naturel bathroom. Aloe vera gel is an excellent natural hair moisturizer. It retains water in the hair fiber which allows to have shiny hair, less brittle and easier to style. Aloe vera soothes irritation, itching and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp which promotes growth.

However, you can use the moisturizer of your choice (honey, agave syrup, linseed gel...).

My hair wash routine

I wash my hair once a week, alternating between solid shampoo from my range and this express homemade recipe. Which means that in a month I only use my solid shampoo twice, a real little saving and according to my desires, rhassoul or shikakaï for the hair. My scalp has become much healthier and my hair is more receptive to the moisturizing or nourishing care I give it.

When I wash my hair with the rhassoul which is not aggressive for the scalp, I take the opportunity to use the rest and brush it on face and body. A real moment 1001 nights like in the hamams. A small poultice that is good for my skin and suddenly I do not use soap. The rhassoul wrap cleans and hydrates my body. After rinsing my skin is smooth and very soft.

Preserving no poo with rhassoul or homemade shikakai

This shampoo is a minute preparation, it cannot be stored. You can use it for every wash of your hair or from time to time as a replacement for your usual shampoo.

Precautions for preparing a homemade recipe

Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

My Colibri tips and recommendations

Try the rhassoul and shikakai from my range. 100% pure, natural and organic you will get stunning results!

To your food my hummingbirds ;)


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  • Pauline

    Bonjour, je ne sais où te faire part de mes reflexions concernant le rinçage au vinaigre apres tes shampoings. Tu as indiqué avoir les cheveux poisseux après ce rinçagesur instagram. Est ce surtout après un shampoing à l argile ou bien tous shampoings? J ai le même constat, donc j’ai réfléchi. Le rinçage au vinaigre vient rééquilibrer le PH du cheveux (shampoings classique avec base lavante souvent basique), or, peut-être que le shampoing a l argile n’est pas aussi basique qu’un shampoing classique et ne nécessite pas de rinçage acide… voilà pour ma petite réflexion sur base de chimie. Bonne continuation! Pauline

  • Pauline

    Génial le shampoing au rhassoul ! Un peu surprenant la première fois, peur d’avoir un paquet de noeuds, mais pas du tout, les cheveux se démêlent bien plus facilement qu’avec un shampoing classique et ensuite ils sont tout doux ! Merci pour cette recette

  • Caroline

    Bonjour, recette très simple et agréable à réaliser surtout avec le rhassoul de retour au naturel qui sent divinement bon.

  • Laura

    Bonjour et merci pour le partage.
    Je faisais mon shampoing au rhassoul avec de l’hydrolat d’ortie (fait maison). Je vais tester avec le gel d’aloé vera 😉

  • Coralie

    Bonjour a toutes et a tous. Super shampoing rassoul+ aloe verra.
    Mes cheveux sont doux, pas emmêlés ( même lorsque j utilisait des apres shampoing, il n y avait pas ce resultat).
    Mon conjoint a testé aussi car cuir chevelu sec, irrité et résultat super!!!
    Et même en masque sur le visage le rhassoul est top.
    Tres bonne recette et très bon conseil!!👍

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