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Natural remedy for dark circles and puffiness, anyone? 2 ingredients, washable bamboo wipes and 10 min of exposure!


  • 1 container
  • 2 washable bamboo wipes


  • 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel
  • 3 tablespoons blueberry hydrosol


Mix all the ingredients in a container. Soak the washable wipes in the preparation then fold them into small squares. Leave on for 10 minutes on your closed eyes. After that, remove the wipes, tap and gently massage the contour of your eyes to penetrate product residue. You may feel a slight tingling but it's nothing too bad.

During the pose you will feel a pleasant feeling of freshness and a good smell of Aloe, it will relax you for sure!

Personally, I do this express treatment 3 to 4 times a week and I see convincing results from the first few times. The little trick that I recommend is to keep your blueberry hydrosol cool.


Aloe Vera provides deep hydration, an essential feature for nourishing this sensitive part of the face. By penetrating, the gel brings with it vitamins, minerals, plant proteins and amino acids that will help the dermis regain its natural radiance and will help decongest.

Cornflower hydrosol has active ingredients known to soothe tired or sensitive eyes. It also helps to tone the skin tissue.


Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

Hummingbird Tips

EXIT disposable cottons in favor of washable bamboo wipes. The sensation on the eyes is much more pleasant, soft and they better retain the properties of the products. Zero waste and economical!

To your food my little hummingbirds ;)


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  • Retour O Naturel

    Bonjour @Lecodom,
    En général je prends mes produits dans la boutique bio près de chez moi (biocoop). Mon gel d’aloe vient de chez eux ;)

  • Lecodom

    Merci de me dire où vous prenez les produits que vous ne vendez pas sur votre site….gel aloès vera…..acide hyaluronique……merci bcp dominique..

  • Manohi

    Très bonne compo d’anti cernes et tellement simple a reproduire merci pour le post

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