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Homemade White Vinegar Multi-Purpose Cleaner

White vinegar has become an essential part of my green household routine. I even got used to its smell but I admit that the infused version is good for the nostrils.

Household in green and super efficient mode, would you like it?

No more corrosive products that sting the nose, itch the hands and pollute our waters. I share with you a simple and effective recipe to use throughout the house.

Make an all-purpose cleaner with vinegar

The idea of ​​disinfecting your house from top to bottom with chemicals guaranteeing the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria is completely biased. This thought conveyed for too long brings peace of mind because bacteria are demonized and called "dirty" so eliminating them becomes a goal in itself. So no, we come across them on a daily basis and that does not mean that they prevent us from living. This misconception benefits the Lobbyists of the household cleaning products industry which format us to have a dedicated product for each room, each surface. Why not simplify our lives and declutter our closets by using one and the same cleaning agent everywhere. A unique product that can be used on all surfaces. No need to have a cleaning agent for each part or each plane to be cleaned.

What is white vinegar?

White vinegar, also called alcohol vinegar or crystal vinegar, is a completely natural, biodegradable, non-polluting and non-toxic product. Its usefulness is no longer to be proven in the house. Unlike some household products that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), white vinegar does not pollute indoor air. It is the most economical cleaning product and does not expire. Its sour smell may put off some people but below I share with you my simple and quick recipe to take advantage of the benefits of this product and eliminate the inconvenience of the smell.

The only problem with this miracle product is its packaging. It is sold in plastic bottles and the one sold in bulk is not available everywhere and its price can quickly climb. What I advise is to buy it in large quantities, such as in 5L cans, for example. A little zero waste tip that is good for the planet.


  • An empty glass jar
  • A vaporizer


  • Orange peels or other citrus fruits or plants
  • white vinegar
  • Some water


Put the citrus peelings or plants and the white vinegar in a container. Leave to macerate for 10 to 15 days then filter to remove the bark or plant residues. Transfer to a spray bottle and add water. In terms of quantity when you add the water, it's so much for so much.

Poof the magic happens! It cleans all surfaces and it smells like citrus fruits.

My favorite blend is white vinegar in which I macerate lavender and rosemary. The lemon one isn't bad either!

Some will say that the waiting time is too long but Rome was not built in 1 day;) We must relearn how to leave time to time, in this society where we want EVERYTHING and IMMEDIATELY.

Tip: Macerate in jars because doing so in glass bottles is not practical. To take out the peelings is a disaster because the neck is too narrow. Word of a first sporting experience ^^

How to use the homemade multi-purpose cleaner?

For daily use I advise you to transfer it into a vaporizer to carry it everywhere in the house. Moisten a piece of loofah or a sponge then spray the product on the surface to be cleaned. Let act if it is a question of dissolving the limestone or degreasing then pass the sponge. Shake the bottle before using it.


Thanks to its acidity, white vinegar is a powerful anti-limestone. It cleans and degreases just as well as chemicals. It is also a healthy alternative to bleach since it has disinfecting and deodorizing properties. It can easily replace dishwasher rinse aid.

Deodorize his fridge, clean the dirt from his toilets, shine his sinks and faucets or even clean his tiles.

Do not use on marble as it dissolves limestone over the long term.

Why don't I add baking soda to my multi-purpose cleaner?

I don't add baking soda to my homemade cleanser since the effects cancel each other out. Indeed, white vinegar has an acid pH and bicarbonate has a basic pH. When the two are mixed, an effervescent reaction occurs where both products are active. Once this effervescence is over, the mixture no longer has any action. It is therefore not wise to mix them.

Tips to limit the spread of germs:

    • Ventilate the rooms at least 10-15min a day, even in winter.
    • Wash your hands carefully with Marseille soap (healthy and anti-bacterial).
  • Avoid hugging when you are sick.

To your food my hummingbirds ;)


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  • Nina

    Très intéressée par cette recette ! Cependant, je me pose les mêmes questions que le post de Dumont posté en décembre 2019. Soit les dosages pour la recette, et combien de temps on peut le conserver ? Merciiiii hâte d’essayer !

  • Agnès

    Est-ce que l’on peut l’utiliser sur un plan de travail en bois?

  • Stef

    Je n’utilise plus que ça pour toute la maison depuis deux ans et c’est vraiment parfait

  • Retour O Naturel

    Bonjour @Dumont
    Oui c’est ça du tant pour tant.
    Ça se conserve plusieurs mois sans soucis!

  • Dumont

    Bonjour oh génial simple et efficace. Merci par contre avait vous des quantités? Moitié d’eau moitié de vinaigre? Et ca ce conserve combien de temps après la macération? Merci belle journée

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