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Retour O Naturel is the story of a transition towards conscious consumption. From sharing tips, tops and flops through DIY recipes to the creation of a brand, a shop and a Workshop.

We manufacture ecological, reusable and Zero Waste textile products in our Workshop in France in the Yvelines. The articles are designed to meet useful everyday needs and eliminate the superfluous.

We work with several brands who trust us for the manufacture of their textile products. We guarantee them quality and French manufacturing either under the Retour O Naturel brand or under their own brand.

As for cosmetics, we offer raw and solid ones:

- The raw products are organically sourced from cooperatives or producers from here and elsewhere. Healthy, natural and of high quality that meet our ethical and responsible specifications. They are all packaged in reusable glass or kraft containers.

- The solids in our range are 4 in number: a shampoo, a deodorant, a balm and a soap. Without essential oils, made in France from certified organic ingredients, with a very short composition list and designed to be suitable for the greatest number.

Our team is on a human scale. We produce textile articles, prepare and ship your orders and manage all exchanges with you. It is this closeness that we love! Our family business is proud to offer you quality, sustainable and zero waste alternatives.

And yes, this adventure began between sisters. And our desire before having the Atelier and the boutique was above all to change the mode of consumption. Have a more responsible consumption in accordance with human well-being and the environment.