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Return o Natural is above all our story. Three sisters, anxious to offer their children a healthy living environment by getting out of excessive, unreasoned consumption. Avoiding products from the food and petrochemical industry in favor of “home made” and “DIY” (do it yourself) products has gradually become a true way of life.

We realized that every day and every gesture offered an opportunity to approach a mode of consumption that respects both our health and nature. Buying products in bulk, using wipes, washable diapers… are all ways of consuming to get as close as possible to zero waste.

As sisters, we first started exchanging tips, tips and recipes. Then we widened our circle and our sources of inspiration through social networks. The idea then came to us to share our approach to a healthier and more minimalist lifestyle by creating our own brand, based on the distribution of healthy and natural products, as in the past.
Back O Naturel makes you discover or rediscover eco-products from here and elsewhere to use on a daily basis to live in harmony with nature.