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Moisturizing Oat Cream Hair Conditioner

What are the properties of oats?

Oats are an excellent cereal for health. Naturally gluten-free, rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Consumed in a sweet or savory version, oats can only be appreciated. It is also very popular as an appetite suppressant. And that's not all, it's an essential in home care for skin and hair!

What does oats do for the hair?

Moisturizing, detangling, making your hair shine is a bit like the promise of oatmeal. Here is a recipe that you can use as a conditioner, mask or leave-in. Nothing could be simpler: oats and water! This treatment does not weigh down the hair. On the contrary, they become soft and supple.

Utensils for preparing oat cream for hair

  • 1 airtight bottle (100ml)
  • a Chinese man

Ingredients for preparing oat cream for hair

  • 500ml of water

  • 5 tablespoons organic rolled oats

  • Cosgard preservative (optional)

Step-by-step steps to prepare oat cream for hair

In a pot, Bring the water to a boil then pour the oats into the simmering water. Leave to heat gently for 10 to 12 minutes, stirring regularly so that it doesn't stick. Add a little water if necessary. Remove from the heat as soon as the consistency suits you: neither too liquid nor too thick (otherwise you will have difficulty filtering). Pass the mixture through a strainer to filter and remove the oat residue. I advise you to let it filter slowly and not to squeeze the flakes to avoid having residues in your cream. You get a smooth, slightly liquid and gelatinous cream. Allow to cool well before first use.

Preserving homemamde oatmeal hair cream

As the preparation contains a lot of water, it can be kept for only 1 week in the refrigerator. For longer storage (4 weeks), add 10 drops of Cosgard preservative.

Why and how to use oat cream for hair?

To make a good botox mask and intense moisturizer. Or use it as a leave-in to shape your curls.

This oat cream is suitable for all hair types. After several uses you will get real results. If after rinsing small oatmeal residues persist on your hair, it is because small pieces have slipped through the cracks during the filtering stage. Nothing too serious, styling them easily;).

You can add a teaspoon of moisturizing active ingredients of your choice (ex: honey, agave syrup, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera...) all in moderation so as not to weigh down the treatment and also a few drops of oils essential according to the needs of your hair.

This conditioner can be used on young and old.

The benefits of my personalized recipe

  • Softens and detangles hair
  • Brings suppleness and shine
  • Protects the hair fiber
  • Rich in iron, helps fight hair loss
  • Soothes irritated, sensitized scalps
  • Soothes itching thanks to its emollient effect
  • Smooth and sheath by its moisturizing action
  • Promotes growth and gives resistance to the hair
  • Redefine curls perfectly

    Precautions for preparing a homemade recipe

    Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

    My Colibri tips and recommendations

    Don't throw away the leftover oat flakes (okara), they have undeniable health benefits. In porridge with chocolate, compote or to incorporate into your biscuits or cookies, let your culinary inspirations run wild!

    For a natural and zero waste mask, don't hesitate to use my reusable and washable hair care cap:

    To your food my hummingbirds ;)


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    • Valérie

      Bonjour. J’utilise les résidus d’avoine dans ma préparation de pancakes. Hummm !! Belle journée

    • Tania

      Bonjour, la préparation peut elle être congelée afin d’en préparer à l’avance?

    • Tania

      Bonjour, la préparation peut elle être congelée afin d’en préparer à l’avance?

    • Fatiha

      J’ai essayé cette recette, les chevaux sont bien hydratés. Pour filtré l’avoine, j’ai utilisé mon sac pour le lait végétal. Texture impeccable! Merci pour la recette.

    • Océane

      Merci pour cette fameuse recette que j’adore.
      Super simple à faire en plus.
      Testé et approuvé!!! 😍

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