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Homemade flax gel

If I tell you extra moisturizing agent for skin, hair and completely local... you answer me?!? Linseed gel of course. A perfect alternative to your styling mousses or industrial gels with questionable ingredients!

What is linseed gel?

Rich in omega-3, flax seeds are excellent for your health. In external use, they can become your hydration ally for hair and skin, just like aloe vera gel. To take advantage of its facet of moisturizing agent, it is enough to transform the seeds into a gel. Indeed, the gel texture is obtained thanks to the mucilages contained in the seeds. It is a vegetable substance, which, in contact with water, causes the flaxseed to swell to form a viscous liquid. Hence the fact of not washing the heated cap of my range under penalty of ending up with a cap full of gel and therefore unusable ^^.

The flax seeds contained in the cap retain the heat to diffuse it in the hair and open the scales to better penetrate the care.

The recipe for homemade flax gel

An ultra-simple recipe to obtain in no time an essential moisturizing active ingredient for your beauty routines. Find organic flax seeds (eaaaasy) and let's go!

Utensils to prepare your homemade linseed gel

  • 1 airtight container
  • 1 Chinese or a nylon stocking
  • 1 saucepan

Ingredients to prepare your homemade linen gel

  • 1/2 cup flax seeds
  • 2 cups of water
  • Cosgard preservative (optional)

Step by step to prepare your homemade linen gel

The hot extraction method

In a pot, bring the water and flax seeds to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes, stirring regularly. Remove from the heat as soon as the consistency suits you: neither too liquid nor too viscous. The gel should not be allowed to thicken so as not to have difficulties when filtering. The ideal texture is a gel that flows from the spoon in a small fluid trickle. Then comes the somewhat tedious step of filtering. You can use a sieve (not too fine to let the gel through) or a nylon stocking (salvage!).

The cold extraction method

Place the flax seeds and water in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Shake it regularly. Then filter the mixture as for the hot extraction method.

Storing Homemade Linseed Gel

As the gel contains a lot of water, it does not keep well, only 1 week in the refrigerator. For longer storage (4 weeks), add 10 drops of Cosgard preservative. You can also freeze the freshly filtered gel in ice cube trays to use it at any time and keep it longer.

Flax seeds can be reused a second time to make gel. Remember to freeze them too!

How to use homemade linen gel?

On the hair, we love its caring, styling and fixing effect. It gives suppleness, shine and softness to the hair. It is an excellent moisturizing agent for the hair. Linen gel is applied to dry or wet hair. Perfect for redefining curls or taming frizz. Do not hesitate to brush your hair after drying or scruncher to eliminate the cardboard effect if there is.

You can also add a dab of linen gel to your conditioner to make a moisturizing mask or simply add it to your homemade moisturizing masks. To cover your masks and hair care, don't hesitate to opt for the waterproof and reusable care cap just below 👇

On the skin, we love its moisturizing, firming and remodeling properties which provide suppleness and firmness. To be applied directly to the skin as a serum before your day cream, it can also be used as a mask (15min application) by incorporating vegetable oils ( eg Argan - all skin types; Nigella - problem skin) or as an aftershave lotion (mixed with a few drops of sweet almond oil). You can also add it to your face cream recipe as a moisturizing active ingredient.

Precautions for preparing a homemade recipe

Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

My Colibri tips and recommendations

A few drops of one of our virgin and organic oils are enough to make linen gel an extra mask for your skin:

To your food my hummingbirds ;)


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  • MacchA

    Merci pour cette recette toute simple et utile. Vue sur my cosmetik mais avec leur robot !

  • Margot

    J’ai réalisé ta recette en respectant le temps de “cuisson” et ma texture était beaucoup trop épaisse, impossible de la passer, même dans un bas … je réessayerai en laissant moins longtemps

  • Anais

    Bonjour, merci pour la recette ! Je n’ai pas de cosgard mais un reste de vitamine E, est ce que ça peut fonctionner aussi ? Bonne soirée, Anais

  • Caroline

    Après 1 an d’hésitation, oui ou je procrastine où j’oublie 😅 me voilà dans la cuisine à faire du gel de lin! Préparation très sime, un peu laborieux pour filtrer mais comme le rendu est super, je vais creuser pour m’améliorer.
    La texture et fluide et légère ça ne colle pas! Encore une recette de votre site à mettre dans mes favoris! Merci!

  • Esther

    J’utilise du gel acheté en commerce et je ne pensais pas qu’il y avait une alternative zd.
    Merci beaucoup pour ta recette.

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