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My saying "Go shopping on a full stomach". Take the test and you will see that you will give in less to temptation.

I make my list and stick to it. It's not being stingy and even less being frustrated. It's just setting a framework and respecting it. Excess, as in any other field, is to be avoided.

I say that as if it were simple. Believe me, I had a hard time educating myself. Fervent follower of the push cart without a specific goal. When I started making my menus I no longer went shopping. I made the choice to leave the position to Mr. I know that's not his thing at all. The less time spent there the better. Brilliant, to respect the list there is no better than being in a hurry to finish. He usually went there on Friday evening after work.

Today, him or me, as a family, it depends. But I must admit that I take more pleasure in shopping. I discovered local producers, bulk and group purchases online (next post). It's a different universe. The note can quickly climb so the list, we stick to it ^^

It is not because there is a promotion on a product that you have to buy it. Promotions trigger a rather strange mechanism for us. Something we hadn't even thought of turns unconsciously into a "need" at the sight of the discounts. Reflex to have, chart your path and stick to your starting list. Except of course if it is a product for everyday consumption at home (Team I like good deals ^^). What's the point of cluttering up your cupboards? If not to add a mental load. The less there is, the quicker it is to put away, what a saving of time and energy.

It's crazy to do an article on "de-consumption". Years ago this was the norm. Looking a little around, in the country next door or simply in the house next door, people do not even know what they will have on their plate in the evening. I am grateful to have what I have. I have the chance to program my Menu over several days. I like to remind myself of it by writing it and reading it. I no longer want to taint this chance by excessive consumption combined with food waste. Yes, we all know this speech but when will the change?

My Menu is not just a list of dishes. My Menu helps me avoid overeating.

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