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What are menstrual panties?

The act of purchase is part of a model of values. It is to expose by a concrete action its criteria of choice. Like for example the choice of the durable rather than the disposable, the healthy rather than the petrochemical, the ecological rather than the devastating of the planet, the ethics rather than the neglect of human conditions and rights. One example is the RON menstrual panties.

Why and how did I opt for reusable hygienic protection?

I have been using period panties for a year and a half now. To tell the truth, I would never have thought of using them one day and in all honesty I only discovered their existence very late. I have always used disposable sanitary napkins.

Why did I take the leap? Quite simply because it was part of my waste reduction approach. A simple observation opened my eyes. I used an average of 5 sanitary napkins in the day, knowing that my period lasts 5 days,  reported at one year that gives about 300 towels in the garbage! It's just huge the impact of my little natural cycle. So I decided to opt for a zero waste alternative.

My first instinct was to take an interest in the menstrual cup (cup), yet I never put on a tampon. But washing my period panties or my bloody sanitary napkin felt “dirty” to me. However, it was impossible for me to learn about the cup because, having given birth a few months earlier, I had not done my perineum rehabilitation. So I leaned on period panties because my desire to reduce my waste was burning inside me. I got used to the idea that period blood was natural when I thought about my children's diapers, how disgusting sometimes, and I thought to myself, go for it! And finally, in all honesty and sincerity, it revolutionized my life. How could I miss so much time! I think that's almost all the remark that we make.

What are period panties?

It is simply a way to collect menstruation. Every day you put on a new panty? Well during your period the ritual will not change. You will wear period panties and that's it!

Reasons to wear period panties

  • Ecological, the durability of menstrual panties limits the production of waste, so it is a gesture for the environment. It is the ultimate zero waste alternative to classic intimate protection!
  • Effective, it is suitable for all types of flow with an absorption capacity of up to 12 hours.
  • Economical, period panties are quickly amortized. If we calculate the number of hygienic protections purchased and that we would have to buy. There are also hidden costs because with each leak there are stained underwear and sheets that will potentially have to be bought back. Hassles that we encounter with conventional sanitary protection but not with menstrual panties.
  • Healthy, the blood flows naturally and leaves the body to lodge in the menstrual panties. There is therefore no risk of toxic shock. The chemical substances of certain disposable protections are avoided.
  • Elegant, practical and comfortable, it does not slip like SHL (washable sanitary napkins) and is not an intravaginal device like the menstrual cup (cup). No discomfort felt, it's just panties, without diaper effect.

How to choose your menstrual panties?

Flow: RON menstrual panties are suitable for light, normal, heavy to very heavy flow. Indeed, it has a great absorption capacity thanks to the absorbent zone  which goes up to the top of the buttocks parting. Thus, there is no risk of leakage even at night.

It lasts between 8 and 12 hours in case of light, medium, heavy flow and between 4 and 6 hours in case of haemorrhagic flow (endometriosis, postpartum, menorrhagia). If you need to change during the day, no problem, the waterproof pocket allows you to store the soiled panties.

Model : The RON menstrual panties are very soft, black in color with a small discreet lace all around the waist. A small detail on each side but not the least makes all the difference; pressure buttons to put on or take off the panties without undressing completely. If for you, putting on panties is necessarily the classic way, don't panic, you can do it too!

Comfort: The RON period panties are a normal size. It wraps the buttocks completely and has good support. No worries about having to systematically put it back in place. To choose the size, just take your usual size. If you oscillate between two sizes, take the larger size.

Inclusive : With my range of panties I integrate young girls and young or mature women. Body diversity is central to my approach. To date, women of size 32 to 52 have been filled. It is possible to send us an email to order a size not indicated in the drop-down menu of the site at the address .

Composition: The materials used are free of harmful particles responsible for irritation, mycosis, vaginal dryness... The menstrual panties are made of GOTS certified organic cotton. What is GOTS? It is the most demanding label guaranteeing that the cotton has been grown without any pesticides, and that all the links in the chain have integrated respect for the working conditions of individuals.

Commitment: The design and manufacture are French. The carbon footprint is therefore low compared to foreign manufacturing. Support for small French businesses is essential, especially in these uncertain times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Menstrual Panties

Menstrual panties are visible through the pants?

The panties are fine, discretion assured.

Is there a diaper effect when we wear period panties?

No way. We're still sexy!

Are there any odors with menstrual panties?

The fabric absorbs drips and odors. Cotton is a breathable fabric. Only when you pull down your pants to change it will you be able to smell a discreet odor.

Do we feel a sensation of humidity?

Who would like to walk around with wet panties? A highly unpleasant sensation you might say. And that's why that's not the case with RON menstrual panties. The insert is sewn in such a way as to absorb the blood while distributing it to prevent it from stagnating in one place.

How many period panties to have?

To have a cycle, I recommend having at least 3 panties to allow a good rotation between washing and drying the panties.

How long do period panties last?

Like regular underwear, menstrual panties have a lifespan of 5-7 years.

How do you clean period panties?

To wash the panties, do not use surgras soaps, black soap or with added glycerin because they risk saturating the panties. Opt for mild soaps designed for washing clothes. Do not hesitate to pre-soak the panties in cold water to wash off excess blood. Neither hot nor lukewarm water as this could cook the blood.

Drying is done in the open air and not in the dryer. It should be noted that in winter the drying is longer than in summer.

Can we use it postpartum?

Yes completely. As for very abundant flows, it will have to be changed more regularly. Approximately every 4/6 hours.

Can we use it in case of urinary leakage?

Yes, it is suitable because the insert is very absorbent.

It's up to you to take the plunge my hummingbirds ;)


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    Super article ! Pour ma part, je les ai déjà achetés et n’ai plus qu’à les tester 😉 Pouvez vous nous proposer une recette de lessive pour ces culottes svp ? Merci!

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