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My homemade dry shampoo recipe

We've all woke up one morning saying to ourselves "gosh, I should have washed my hair yesterday" and, a little annoyed, we tinker with a hairstyle that hides oily roots. I found my solution to save a day of shampoo! Since my transition to natural and the use of the solid shampoo from my range, I already space my shampoos well. On average once a week but the last day is ric-rac, hence my new ally, dry shampoo!

What is a dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo helps to space out shampoos without washing your hair and to regulate sebum secretion. I use a natural dry shampoo with powders to gently space out my shampoos. It quickly and effectively absorbs excess sebum present on the surface of the hair. Washing your hair too much can in the long run be harmful and disrupt the scalp. Namely grease them, if they tend to be greasy or dry them out if they have a dry tendency. I use the powder version because it is completely natural, respectful of the scalp, the hair and is ecological, unlike dry shampoos in spray cans full of harmful products.

Chemical dry shampoo, a plague!

Dry shampoos with chemical composition are a defect for the hair and the planet. They attack the scalp, irritate it, dry it out and make the hair brittle. The aerosol format pollutes the ambient air by releasing toxic components.

When to use dry shampoo?

The dry shampoo is to be used as soon as the roots become greasy. It is very effective when you don't have time to wash your hair, after sport or when travelling.

Homemade dry shampoo recipe

Clean and invigorated hair in a stroke of the brush!

Homemade dry shampoo ingredients

2 tablespoons corn starch

1 tablespoon of rhassoul

The benefits of the powders in my homemade dry shampoo recipe

Corn starch (maizena) is the almost essential ingredient in the manufacture of a homemade dry shampoo. Easy to find, it is a basic in our kitchens. It is a lightweight powder with strong absorbency. The sebum has better watch out.

Rhassoul clay is a powder known for its naturally cleansing properties. It is a washing powder which acts by absorbing impurities without irritating the scalp. Moreover the rhassoul gives volume to the hair, which is not a refusal when they are all flattened.

Step by step to prepare your homemade dry shampoo

Mix the powders in a glass jar, it's ready! You can transfer to a salt shaker or a powder sprayer.

The mixture can be stored away from light and humidity for 6 months.

The addition of essential oils is possible to take advantage of their properties and smells. For this mixture 10 drops are enough. Nevertheless, the use of essential oils must be done sparingly and with knowledge of the contraindications.

How to wash your hair with a dry shampoo?

Before sprinkling the dry shampoo on the scalp, brush your hair backwards to stretch the sebum to the ends, if you have curly hair you can skip this step! Then the application is done using a make-up brush. The ideal is to use a Kabuki brush to measure the amount deposited and blend the excess thanks to its dense bristles. It is applied everywhere by drawing lines to facilitate the deposition of powders. Have a light hand to avoid big streaks. No need to apply all over the head, the powders are only applied to the roots, favoring the front areas of the skull, the top and around the ears.

We massage lightly then leave on for 5-10 minutes, the time to have breakfast for example. After the exposure time, gently rub or brush your hair again to remove any residue. The ideal is to leave the dry shampoo on all night, squeezing the massage step. When you wake up, it will be enough to remove the traces, if there are any.

Dry shampoo or classic shampoo?

It is important to wash and rinse your scalp. Dry shampoo does not replace conventional shampoo because it absorbs but does not rid the scalp of impurities. Indeed, the residues that accumulate can clog the pores of the scalp and asphyxiate it. The two shampoos go hand in hand.

My two little tips for not stimulating sebum secretion too much: rinse your hair with cold water after your classic shampoo because hot water stimulates sebum secretion and avoid touching your hair too much, this stimulates the sebaceous glands.

Precautions for preparing a homemade recipe

Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

My Colibri tips and recommendations

Opt for the organic rhassoul from my range. A very fine powder for easy application.


To your food my hummingbirds ;)


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