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Household black soap: all you need to know

Effectiveness on all surfaces without solvents, preservatives or chemical additives is the promise made to us by black household soap! An ally for a green household to use raw, diluted in hot water or as an ingredient in your homemade products.

What is black soap?

Black soap is made from vegetable oil, mainly olive. It is a 100% natural, ecological and economical cleaner. Very concentrated, a small amount diluted in water is sufficient for effective cleaning. It is an indispensable green version of the household.

A distinction must be made between black soap for cosmetic use and black soap for household use. The latter can be irritating and drying for the skin since its PH is much higher than that of the skin. Cosmetic black soap is a paste of olives which contains salt, potash, and to which essential oils are optionally added.

Soft or liquid black soap

Everyone has their own preference. The difference is only in the concentration of soap. The soft black soap is very concentrated, hence its thick, almost solid texture. Liquid black soap is much less concentrated but more convenient to use.

Black soap for laundry

50g of black soap diluted in 1L of water, this is a very effective and super economical detergent recipe.

Black soap can be used as a textile stain remover. Simply apply a small dose to the affected area, rub in, leave on for ten minutes and then machine wash. Black soap can sometimes stain certain white or light textiles, do not hesitate to test on a small area beforehand.

black soap for the floor

Tiles, parquet, linoleum, waxed concrete, marble... you name it. Its advantage is that it is not abrasive. Just dilute a tablespoon in 1L of hot water. No need to rinse after soaping.

Using it as a floor cleaner when you have young children who crawl is ideal because it is chemical-free.

Black soap to degrease

Black soap degreases and shines. It can be used to degrease fryers, barbecue plates, ovens, hotplates...

When the oven is very dirty, apply a few drops of black soap to the areas that are still warm and leave on overnight. Scrub the next day with a loofah sponge and hot water.

Black soap as a multi-purpose cleaner

With the black soap you can make a multi-purpose very simply by diluting in a sprayer 1 tablespoon of soap in 1L of hot water. Shake before each use.

This spray can be used on all surfaces. Black soap nourishes certain materials such as wood.

Black soap for the dishes

It can replace your dishwashing liquid with chemical composition to wash dirty pans, plates, glasses or even cutlery.

However, I recommend Marseille soap which is just as effective, much more economical for this use and zero waste because it is a cube of bulk soap.

Black soap for the garden and outdoors

It is an excellent natural repellent. Black soap is very effective against spiders, mealybugs and aphids. Just dilute 5 to 6 tablespoons in 1L of hot water to obtain a spray to use on all types of plants, fruit trees and the vegetable patch.

The black soap can be used to clean your garden furniture or your terrace.

You will have understood that black soap is very effective inside and outside.

To your luffah my Hummingbirds!

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  • saclier

    j’ai du savon noir liquide pour lessive puis-je l’utiliser pour pucerons pour mes plantes ?

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