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Keep your solid soap or shampoo longer

We often hear that solid soaps and shampoos last up to twice as long as liquid bottles, so they are more economical. Is it a reality or a marketing speech?

How to store your solid shampoo or soap?

Open a bottle of shower gel, pour it into the palms of your hands, lather it then rub your skin and forget to close the cap in the process. This is common when using liquid vials and has no impact on the product.

When you switch to solid soap or shampoo, there are a few things to do to actually see their lifespan increase. Because yes, solids are more economical than liquid bottles, they last longer but on condition of storing them well.


After using soap or solid shampoo, letting it dry between two uses is essential, this is what will make you keep it longer.

    Indeed, a solid shampoo or soap that dries effectively in the open air will not soften, become sticky or limp. It will keep its solidity. Conversely, a solid soap or shampoo that is always damp or left in contact with stagnant water will melt quickly and therefore lead to a loss of product. This is also the case if the solid is deposited on the edge of the sink or the bathtub. It sticks to it and leaves traces which, in addition to being messy, are a waste.

    Tips for keeping your solid shampoo or soap longer

    There are certain missteps to absolutely avoid for a good conservation of your shampoo or solid soap. Here are some useful tips for you:

      • After use shake them to remove excess water
      • Keep them away from heat and humidity
      • Avoid contact with splashes
      • Choose a good soap dish

    The choice of soap dish

    The right choice of soap dish is essential in the good conservation of solids. For a zero waste bathroom it is better to opt for:

    A loofah soap dish

    Using a squash or rather its dried pulp as a natural sponge is possible, the luffah. Cut into slices or sections, the luffah becomes a 100% natural and biodegradable soap dish. Its absorbent power guarantees optimal drying of wet soap or solid shampoo.

    The loofah soap dish is hand or machine washable at 30 degrees.

    A magnetic soap dish

    It's kind of my new favorite. Solid, aesthetic and practical, the magnetic soap holder with suction cup allows for quick and even drying in the open air.

    It is fixed thanks to a magnetic suction cup on any wall (smooth, dry and without roughness).
    The magnetic soap dish keeps the solid soap or shampoo levitating vertically, saving space and adding a touch of aesthetics.

    When solid soap or shampoo becomes all pokey, the soap dish is no longer too much of a requirement. Better to use a soap net so as not to lose a crumb of product.

    The soap net: an anti-waste accessory

    The soap net is essential in the zero waste bathroom to use your soap or shampoo to the end. No more falls in the trash and zero waste! Just insert the scraps into the soap net, wet it to make it foam and wash.

    It is a sustainable alternative to the plastic shower flower as the soap net can be used to exfoliate the skin. It allows you to have a creamy foam and thus use less product.

    The soap net can also be used as a pouch to carry your solid soap or shampoo on the go.

    Solid cosmetics are practical to use, durable, economical, healthy for the body, good for the environment, zero waste... and the list goes on and on! If you are still hesitating, here is an article ( here ) that will certainly make you take the plunge.

    You will have understood it, everything is in CONSERVATION ;)

    To your solids my Hummingbirds!

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    • Pam

      Super conseils comme toujours. Merci pour ce très bon article :) !

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