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Zero waste and mental burden

What is clearly the definition of Zero Waste? Race to see who has the smallest trash can or give yourself body and soul to reach the famous myth of the trash can that fits in a glass jar.

“Small gestures are useless”

Ecology is not painful as we are led to believe. If we are just a little interested in it, we go into the "relou de service" box. The green eats seeds, smells bad and defecates in sawdust. The slightest deviation is noted by the entourage as if perfection existed in this world.

And then the toxic, guilt-inducing speeches like "it's no use, you're staring at reducing your packaging while the Amazon is burning". All efforts shattered in one sentence. Do we need this kind of exchange when we know that when we make changes in habits, we are already subject to internal questions. The perpetual questioning, the fear of not doing enough, the guilt, the comparison, in short, so many doubts that fill our minds without us needing to add them from the outside.

Zero Waste, a journey

Zero Waste is a journey, we start with small gestures which then have a snowball effect in our lives. There is a change in thinking that is not just about cleaning up with white vinegar. Zero Waste is part of a process of general awareness, deconsumption and thoughtful actions on the human, ecological and social impact. To let go, to fall for something that we don't need is ok, dear imperfect humans that we are.


Consuming less but better is not synonymous with frustration and mental burden. I would even say the opposite, the race to excess generates these frustrations and this burden. Take the example of a constantly renewed wardrobe. Always more blouses, matching shoes and the eternal feeling of never having enough storage space. A high number of machines per week, hours of ironing and folding clothes, pants at the back of the dressing room that never saw the light of day and always the same feeling of not having enough.

To change your habits, you have to want it but that is not enough. It's like at the beginning of the year when we embark on setting up good resolutions. Initially passionate, excessive with the bar very high… it never lasts long. Rather than talking about change, I prefer to talk about transition, which implies the notion of slowness. Change your habits little by little so as not to create frustration, blockage and know your limits.

Let's take the example of a person who takes 2 sugar cubes in his coffee and who wants to stop. The solution is to get your puck used to the taste of coffee without sugar. Step by step, she will take a coffee with a sugar and a half for a few days, then one, then a half until she eliminates it completely. With this method, the new habit has a better chance of success. Removing the sugar completely from the start would have created frustration. It is frustration that generates impulses.

letting go

New habits must be an integral part of daily life so as not to increase your mental load. If the small gesture is perceived as a constraint, it will not last because it will tend to exhaust. Hence the interest of having flexibility with oneself. You don't feel like making a homemade snack for the kids today, that's ok a fruit does the trick and that's ZD. You have to know how to let go!

Trying things that ultimately do not suit us, it happens to all of us. It works on some and not others, that's ok. Just give time to time and try something else when the urge comes back.

Sometimes it is neither the desire nor the determination that we lack to trigger a change of habit, it is simply the entourage. Living with relatives under the same roof who do not share our thoughts. And yes, we are all different and it takes everything to make a world. Why not put in place small innocuous gestures such as replacing the plastic cling film with flat cover caps. This kind of small gesture does not have a big impact on daily life in the home. Initiate change by leading by example, the key to success!

And then I would end up advising you to inspire yourself without comparing yourself. Note that everyone has their own definition of zero waste and minimalism. Simply because our realities are different.

To your small gestures my Hummingbirds!

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