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In view of the title, I can already hear the refractory shouting "At the stake, down with the lack of spontaneity!"

No way ! I surprise myself and those around me when, at dinner on Tuesday of week 36, I eat Falafels and Tzaziki. And yes these delicious Lebanese dishes would not have been on the table if I had not planned them in advance.

It's kind of one of the great advantages of the "Menu of the week", we get out of the infernal cycle of butter dough, cream pasta, pesto pasta. Meals at home have become much healthier and more balanced. We are surprised to cook products that were not at all in our buying habits and we walk in hitherto unknown departments. When we look for inspiration and scroll on the net or leaf through a book, our taste buds are in turmoil. We seek to challenge ourselves for our greatest pleasure and that of the people with whom we live.

The shopping cart changes its look more often without breaking the wallet. Yes, I strongly support the idea that a menu saves money. I make my list and stick to it. I don't wander aimlessly through the mazes looking for inspiration. From my little experience this is what drives up the bill. There was a time when, for me, shopping was synonymous with chores. My brain was activating the autopilot mode and by putting away the groceries I found myself with duplicate products. And yes, I did not take the time to make an inventory (we will talk about it in the next article) before going to bother me at the local Super.

My mental workload has decreased significantly. I no longer grieve every evening asking myself "What are we eating", asking Monsieur to go to the local grocery store to complete what I have in the fridge and tan me his famous phrase " But you can't do with what you have."

The little time to organize the menu is a real time saver. It's just a habit to take and settle for a little while: in transport, during your lunch break, quietly in your kitchen...

The menu avoids the pitfall of FOOD WASTE! A real plague in our so-called "modern" societies. It's not a sign of wealth to buy more than you need, it's rather a lack of reason!

And finally if we were talking about the nuggets that I often get out:

- "Too square for me" What appeals to some does not appeal to others. Tastes and colors are not discussed ... In short, we can get tons of them like that.

- "It's a little crevard" Personally, I have a big family and it's not uncommon to have one or two surprise guests. Mi casa es Tu casa, you will be very well received.

- "There is no glitter in your life" If I had planned a Dhal of lentils and that finally my being needs piz', don't worry I know how to please myself.

- "I don't have time to make menus, I work" I don't have time to grind my brain EVERY DAY in "What are we eating" mode, I have children and a business to run .

- "But you live for the food" Give me your technique to stay upright without eating.

Why wait for this famous day when we can have a good restaurant to feast on? I want to bite into life every day! Taking the time to prepare delicious meals is a way of having fun.
Carpe Diem !

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