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My essentials for a green household

Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, percarbonate of soda and crystals of soda... At first glance, the names of these powders suggest that they have a toxic composition, but not at all! They are all respectful of the environment, of humans and completely biodegradable. The use of these powders is an excellent alternative to toxic household products for natural house cleaning.

White powder for cleaning?

Baking soda, citric acid, soda ash, and soda ash come in crystals that form a solid powder. Fungicides, bactericides and neutralizers, they have natural qualities that make them multi-purpose cleaners. However, they can be irritating to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. They must be used respecting a few precautions for use.

These powders can be kept for several years in a dry place. You can sometimes see lumps in the package, this is due to excessive humidity. However, the product remains usable, its assets are not altered.

To find out if the powder is still active, just pour a spoonful of white vinegar over a small amount of powder. If you get a reaction with foam, it has retained all of its properties.

The advantage of powders is that they offer an abrasive side, ideal when you want to rub surfaces. Although they can be used as they are, they can also be diluted in water or used in the form of a paste, it all depends on the use you wish to make of them. They are sold in bulk or in kraft bags, goodbye to plastic!

Baking soda

Baking soda is a mild abrasive made from salt and limestone. It helps to clean, remove mold, deodorize (ex: I put it under the garbage bag to avoid bad smells). It is ideal for everyday tasks. Thanks to regular maintenance with baking soda, limestone and tartar do not have time to become encrusted.

sodium percarbonate

Sodium percarbonate is a cleaning, stain removing and whitening agent. I mainly use it to whiten my laundry and make it shiny. It is ideal for cleaning menstrual panties, washable sanitary napkins or washable diapers. Percarbonate power triggers at a minimum water temperature of 40 degrees.

citric acid

Citric acid is an acid that is found naturally in certain citrus fruits such as lemon for example. It is an anti-limestone and a powerful household cleaner. It is also very effective against scale in household equipment, anti-rust and fabric softener (30g of citric acid in 1l of water). Unlike white vinegar as a fabric softener, citric acid is also effective at low temperatures and can therefore be used for delicate laundry. Citric acid should not be used on surfaces that stain such as marble, aluminum or enamel.

soda crystals

Soda crystals are more corrosive and much more effective than baking soda. I use it to clean and degrease what is very dirty and very greasy (ex: oven, barbecue grill...). I sometimes add a handful to the drum of the washing machine for very dirty laundry (be careful with delicate laundry). Very effective also for the bottoms of burnt pans. Crystal soda can be used to break down organic matter in drains and unclog them.

Hummingbird Tip

To complete your household in a green version, do not hesitate to use sponges and vegetable brushes such as the loofah and the coconut brush.

Here are the essential powders that I use to clean my house in GREEN version. White vinegar, Marseille soap and black soap are also part of my drugstore ( here ).

To your powders my Hummingbirds!

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    merci pour ces informations , c’est très clair

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