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Reuse and zero waste

Reuse ( definition in the DM instagram sense ): Throwing away and buying new is easy. Using, washing and reusing is lazy.

The myth of single use

The single use is the choice of ease, no constraint is felt. We also think about saving time, in a world where people are more and more in a hurry.

The use of single-use objects has become commonplace in our societies. By looking at it more closely, isn't it an aberration to use an element a few hours, a few seconds before being relayed in the waste box?

SPOILER ALERT, the life cycle of a piece of waste does not end when you no longer have it in your field of vision.

The idea here is to get rid of this sacralization. Single use should not be automatic!

Why reuse?

Reusing objects avoids exploiting new resources to initiate a creative process.

Using reusable objects reduces your waste at home and limits your environmental impact. Ok, but how?

The finding

List all the single-use objects in his environment to differentiate useful things from superfluous things. In other words, do I have to find a reusable alternative to all disposables or some end up not useful to me?

Find suitable reusable alternatives

This step does not necessarily have to go through the purchase. You can reuse things you have at home.

You have a lot of tea towels, great, they will serve as kitchen towels.

Q-tips? Water and a towel to dry the ears well will do the trick!

Reusing is...

  • Select your everyday accessories for their reusable function. The flat cover charlotte can easily replace the plastic cling film in your cupboards.
  • Prioritize second-hand purchases, especially for clothing. In this sector, the change of season and trend is conducive to buying. Second-hand sales applications now facilitate this type of alternative consumption.
  • Give a second life to an object intended to be thrown away. All it takes is a little imagination, a few tools and a dash of manual know-how. An old pallet can become a garden table with lots of character.
  • Be clever by reducing your energy consumption by adopting simple gestures. The heating water can be recovered to save a flush or to water your plants.
  • Change your way of thinking by recycling your daily waste. Coffee grounds can turn into a very effective body scrub.

Hummingbird Tip

Find reusable accessories on my shop so you no longer have to go through the trash box with every daily gesture;) .

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  • laurence

    Il y a dans nos placards pleins de choses qu’on n’utilise qu’une fois ou que rarement les pailles, les bougies d’anniversaires, les assiettes papier et couvert même s’ils sont en bambou…

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