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Ayurvedic powders for hair care

What are Ayurvedic powders?

Ayurvedic powders are magical. They have the gift of beautifying the hair. They densify, gain, cleanse the scalp, fight against itching / dandruff, promote growth, fight against alopecia... The list continues to grow so much the powders of Indian plants are a formidable weapon to enhance the hair!

How to make your hair mask with Ayurvedic powders?

It is the alliance of 3 natural powders. Amla, Shikakai and Neutral Henna, hot water and a moisturizing agent. A mask that washes and cares for the hair in depth.

Utensils to prepare the treatment with Indian Ayurvedic powders

  • A bowl
  • 1 wooden spoon

Ingredients to prepare the Indian powder treatment

  • 2 tablespoons of Amla powder
  • 1 tablespoon and a half of neutral henna
  • 1 tablespoon of Shikakai
  • 1 tablespoon moisturizer
  • Hot water

Step-by-step steps to prepare the Indian powder treatment

In a bowl, pour the 3 powders and add hot water little by little to obtain a paste consistency - neither too liquid nor too thick in order to facilitate application. The dosages of the powders are made according to the length and thickness of your hair (here long square). Add the moisturizing agent of your choice (yogurt, oat cream, honey, aloe vera gel, agave syrup, cornstarch cream, linseed gel, compote...). In my case, I use a homemade oatmeal conditioner for intense hydration and a stunning result (recipe here ). And yes, we can work miracles with ingredients that we all have in our cupboards!

Why and how to use Ayurvedic powders?

This mask is 2 in 1: shampoo and care. Wet your hair with lukewarm water and detangle it. Application will be easier and the active ingredients will penetrate better. Separate your hair into several sections then apply the preparation section by section. Insist on the scalp, massaging well, stretch to cover lengths and ends. Cover your hair with a care cap to keep in the heat and avoid plastic waste from the cellophane. Leave for 30min to 2h. Rinse with lukewarm water and finish with cold water for even more shine. There is no need to shampoo after this treatment. However, you can apply conditioner to lengths and ends and then rinse. Finally finish with an acid rinse to close the scales (1 case of cider vinegar in 500ml of water).

Space out the mask because Indian powders can slightly dry out the lengths. I recommend it once or twice a month.

Neutral Henna does not color but, in very rare cases, on very light hair and on white hair, it can slightly color them. To avoid this, do not exceed more than 30min break.

Once the helping hand is nabbed, the application of powder treatments will no longer hold any secrets for you;)

The benefits of my personalized recipe

Neutral Henna is rich in active molecules and has a strong sheathing power. This powder has fortifying properties similar to those of natural Henna but does not color. It delights fine hair by giving it volume and purifies oily or dandruff scalps.

Amla regenerates, promotes growth, prevents hair loss, fights against itching and premature white hair.

Shikakai, rich in saponins, naturally cleanses the hair and scalp gently. The powder does not foam but washes wonderfully and is ideal against dandruff.

After several uses, you will see your hair healthier, softer, supple and shiny. Your hair will be stronger and you will see results in growth and slowing of loss. It is an excellent ally for spacing out shampoos.

The use of my oat cream with this 2 in 1 preparation, you can have intense hydration and avoid drying out the lengths.

Precautions for preparing a homemade recipe

Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

My Colibri tips and recommendations

Opt for organic, pure and 100% natural Ayurvedic powders from my range:

For a zero-waste gesture that's good for your hair, opt for the care cap from my range. Waterproof, reusable, suitable for all types of care and preserves the natural heat produced by the scalp for better penetration of your care:

For beautiful hair, don't forget to cut your ends regularly, drink plenty of water and have a targeted diet, reduce or even avoid heating appliances.

To your food my hummingbirds ;)


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  • <a href="">ici</a>

    Je me demandais quel est le délai habituel avant de constater les effets des poudres ayurvédiques sur les cheveux. En outre, est-ce que l’utilisation de shampoings achetés en pharmacie pourrait ralentir ou empêcher l’action des poudres ? Merci d’avance pour tes précieux conseils.

  • Aude

    est ce que ces poudres limitent les effets des couleurs. J’ai pas mal de cheveux blancs que je dois couvrir. Je veux prendre soin de mes cheveux mais sans risquer de limiter les effets des couleurs.

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