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5 Tips to prepare your skin for the sun naturally

Holidays, idleness... We already imagine ourselves with a tanned complexion, clear skin and slightly rosy on the cheeks. The sun is there, we noticed it.

This trickster can sometimes play tricks on us! I therefore strongly advise you to prepare your skin for the sun. Exit self-tanners and food supplements with dubious composition. Natural, healthy and effective with the added bonus of a simple recipe for healthy glow effect serum.

The preparation of the skin for the sun is done externally and internally. All the advice that I present to you is put in place a few days or weeks before the exhibition. Enough chatter, I will share with you my precious recommendations.

Tip #1: exfoliation

A few days before the exhibition exfoliate the body and face to eliminate dead skin and have an even tan. I use a homemade scrub made from coffee grounds and sweet almond oil (recipe here ). Coffee grounds are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, essential allies for a radiant complexion. As for sweet almond oil, it soothes and softens the skin.

I do not recommend that you exfoliate during the exposure period because with the sun the skin thickens, it is a natural defense mechanism against UV rays. It should therefore not be refined with scrubs. You can do one after the exposure period to even out the tan.

On a daily basis, you can use the natural fiber glove below to gently cleanse your skin. Also ideal for solid soap scraps.

Tip #2: hydration

Hydrate your skin with treatments and masks based on moisturizing agents such as aloe vera, honey, agave syrup, vegetable glycerin, apple compote or dairy products (non-exhaustive list). These make it possible to maintain or increase the quantity of water present on the surface of the skin. The more hydrated the skin, the more resistant it is to UV rays. We also avoid crocodile skin.

Tip°3: The healthy glow effect serum

Feed your skin! Deeply nourished skin is more resistant to the sun. Nourishing agents like vegetable oils and butters form a protective barrier on the skin's surface and seal in moisture.

Neither one nor two, I offer you a nourishing recipe that will give you a healthy glow and stimulate your tan!


  • 1 container of 30 ml


  • 10ml argan oil
  • 10ml apricot kernel oil
  • 10 ml oily carrot macerate


Mix all the ingredients in the container.


Argan oil is recommended for skin dried out by the sun, rich in vitamin E, antioxidant and suitable for all skin types. Apricot kernel oil provides a healthy glow and stimulates tanning. The oily carrot macerate gives a tanned complexion and prepares the skin for the sun.

This blend of 3 oils is suitable for the whole family, even pregnant and breastfeeding women. It will prepare your skin for the sun, soften it, nourish it, fight against skin aging and give a healthy glow by offering a natural tan. It will also relieve and repair overexposed skin.

The healthy glow effect serum is applied daily to clean skin. It is stored away from light and humidity.


Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

Tip #4: Food

Nature is so well done, without the hassle of seasonal eating. Foods full of vitamins, rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and essential fatty acids (orange fruits, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, melon, watermelon, etc.). And we can never say it enough, drink lots of water.

Tip #5: banish UV rays

Erase the received idea "do a UV session to prepare your skin for the sun". Absolutely Not! This practice uses up the sun's capital and accelerates the skin aging process.

There you go, all you have to do is put everything into practice and activate the holiday countdown! Of course don't forget to bring an organic and natural sunscreen to protect your skin against UV rays.

Make the crepe without preparation of the skin and without protection = quick tan but not pretty skin ^^

Hummingbird Tips

For a natural beauty gesture and zero waste, use RON shea butter as an after-sun care. And for your DIY organic vegetable oils, first cold pressed from my range.

To your food my little hummingbirds ;)


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