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Rhassoul clay bread - wash without soap

If I tell you that it is possible to wash without soap and without products containing surfactants. And yes, that's the promise of clay bread!

It cleans, purifies, absorbs body odors and heals the skin thanks to the benefits naturally present in the clay.

What is a clay loaf?

It's a bit like a solid soap except that we squeeze all the stages of cold saponification and the cure time! A gentle, soap-free cleanser that acts as a skincare product with the advantage of not attacking it.

Ideal for all skin types.

How to make clay bread?

It couldn't be simpler, 60% clay / 40% water and a bit of sun.

My recipe for rhassoul clay bread

For a 300g loaf.

Utensils for the preparation of a rhassoul clay bread
  • 1 bowl (wood, glass or ceramic)
  • 1 small mold
Ingredients to prepare a rhassoul clay bread
  • 180g of rhassoul
  • 50g of rose hydrosol
  • 70g of water
Step-by-step steps to make a rhassoul clay bread

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. A quick reminder, avoid metal utensils when handling powders or clays because this material alters the active ingredients of the products.

The consistency should be neither too runny nor too thick. Pour the mixture into the mold. Leave to dry in the sun for 1-2 days then unmold. You can use it as it is but personally I prefer to add a day of drying after unmolding to guarantee me a very solid bread.

The recipe is completely customizable. You can replace the water with the hydrolats of your choice and make breads with other types of clay (pink, green, white...) or even add essential oils.

The benefits of my personalized recipe

Rhassoul is a washing powder, translation from Arabic. Purifying, softening and clarifying. The rhassoul is super sweet. It is suitable for all skin types and can even be used on the hair (cf: my rhassoul shampoo recipe ). It is the Swiss army knife of powders. It works by absorbing fats and impurities.

Rose hydrosol is a true beauty elixir. A shot of toning and complexion-enhancing active ingredients. In addition to giving a pleasant floral smell.

The combination of these two products provides clean and soft skin.

Why and how to wash with a clay bar?

The daily use of soap can attack the skin. Wanting to clean it "well" can create the opposite effect and alter the protective hydrolipidic film. To protect itself, the skin will over-produce sebum, a vicious circle sets in with skin conditions as a result (dryness, pimples, blackheads, etc.). Hence the use of a soft clay bar. Gently cleansing the skin allows the skin to self-regulate its sebum production.

The clay bread is used on wet body and face to replace your usual cleansing care or your shower gel. It can even be used for personal hygiene. Moisten your body / face and pass the bread gently over your skin. I insist it's the skin that we wet and not the clay bread directly, otherwise guaranteed slush bread ^^ It doesn't foam at all but don't panic, it washes! A slight micro-exfoliation is felt when passing the bread over the skin. Once applied to the body/face you can rinse immediately or leave on for a few moments. Finally, do not hesitate to apply your usual oil or moisturizer.

Conservation of rhassoul clay bread

Above all, do not leave the bread in contact with water, otherwise it will dissolve. Store it away from heat and humidity.

If inadvertently the bread were to break, simply reform it and put it out to dry.

Precautions for preparing a homemade recipe

Disinfect utensils used for preparation. Always test products on a small area of ​​the body.

My Colibri tips and recommendations

After use I place it on a slice of luffah, away from splashing water so as not to find a pile of mud in my bathroom. And for a more intense exfoliation or simply to keep your soap scraps, the sisal pouch is perfect!


To your food my little hummingbirds ;)


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  • Lancelot

    Je n ai pas le tout a l égout mais une fosse toutes eaux. J ai peur que l argile s agglomére au fond de la cuve. Qu en pensez vous?

  • Cécile

    est-il possible de rajouter une HV dans cette recette ?
    Si oui, quel pourcentage pour 100g de pain d’argile ?
    Merci d’avance!

  • Retour O Naturel

    Bonjour @Legru,
    Je pense que ça serait un peu compliqué à utiliser sur la tête car le pain d’argile est fragile il peut facilement se casser. En le faisant sous forme de pâte comme la recette que j’ai posté c’est plus simple d’utilisation je trouve :)

  • Legru

    Bonjour, je me demandais si on pouvait utiliser un pain d’argile au rhassoul comme shampoing solide? Un peu comme la pâte au rhassoul pour cheveux. A votre avis? Merci

  • 79coconiort

    Bonjour, je l’ai fait, c’est très facile et agréable sous la douche. J’en referais. Merci pour vos recettes.

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